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Getting your news and events featured in SE1 Direct

Thank you for reading this brief guide for contributors to SE1 Direct. We shall explain in turn how each section of SE1 Direct is compiled

What's on this week

This section of each issue provides the bulk of exclusive content for SE1 Direct. The editor selects a few community and cultural events each week for inclusion.

He selects the events from the following:

  • event information listed in the current issue of our sister printed publication in SE1
  • event information sent to the in SE1 team but received too late for inclusion
  • event information received directly by email.

SE1 Direct is usually published on a Monday morning, so we select events from the Monday to the following Sunday. We will only include events further than seven days in advance if advance booking is required and there is a possibility of the event selling out before the next bulletin is sent out.

The selection made each week is at the editor's discretion, but as a rule the following take precedence:

  • events not already publicised in in SE1
  • one-off or unusual events
  • free events (fireworks displays, open-air concerts)
  • consultative events - eg planning consultations, key meetings of residents groups

The 'What's on this week' section does not set out to be comprehensive - it aims to provide an interesting mix of different types of events across all parts of SE1

The key message to listings providers is: if possible, send the information to in SE1 in time for inclusion in our printed listings and it will automatically be considered for SE1 Direct but if the event is being organised at short notice, contact the editor of SE1 Direct with the details.

News and events from the London SE1 website

This section is merely a set of links to the news and features published at during the previous week.

If you have a story that you want to appear in this section, you need to contact the London SE1 website team

Arts reviews from the London SE1 website

This section appears when there are new theatre or exhibition reviews on the London SE1 website.

If you would like your production or exhibition featured in this section, please contact Leigh Hatts who coordinates the reviews across our printed publication and website.

SE1 Notebook

This is a new section which appears as-and-when required for those small items that either don't fit into the listing/news/features/review categories or are too short to warrant a full feature on our website.

Examples would include a local charity looking for volunteers etc.

If your message is commercial in nature, an advert would be more appropriate.

SE1 news from around the web

If you spot something in a newspaper or on the web that you think would be relevant to our readers, please contact us with the details!